Technical Competences

The PTCentroDiH is a regional and transversal hub that will cover the entire gamut of digital needs of the SMEs and other public and private entities of the Centro’s Region. Thus, in order to support the digital transformation of people, enterprises and the public sector of this Region, the consortium of the PTCentroDiH includes a wide range of skills and expertise in the digital technologies highlighted in the Regulation. 

Artificial Inteligence 

High Performance Computing 


Qualification in advanced digital skills 

Digital Solutions / interoperability for the public sector 

Additive manufacturing 


Virtual and augmenter reality 

Internet of Things

Data Science and Big Data 

Advanced materials 


Micro / Nano electronics



Cyberphysical systems 


Cloud computing 



Services provided

The consortium has deep knowledge about the Region’s innovation ecosystem and truly understands the existing offer and needs in terms of digital transformation services. Therefore, PTCentroDiH is in a highly favourable position to provide services that are fully aligned with the real needs and demands of the entities (specially, SMEs and Public Sector) of the Centro Region of Portugal.

In this context, PTCentroDiH will provide a set of services in “Test before invest”, “Skills and training”, “Support to find investment”, and “Innovation ecosystem and networking”. The services provided by the hub will be transversal to a wide range of technologies, with a special focus on Cybersecurity.
The services that will be provided by PTCentroDiH are not often used by local entities, especially SMEs and the Public Sector. In this sense, the PTCentroDiH’s service portfolio will be highly innovative for the local entities, who are not used to have extended access to these types of services.

Furthermore, PTCentroDiH’s services will be made available to the market at a price that will be lower than the existing market value. This will be done in order to ensure that these entities have access to a set of services that will truly contribute to the digital transformation of the Region’s stakeholders. The massification of these innovative services will be one of the main pillars of PTCentroDiH.

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