PTCentroDiH’s mission is to create conditions to ensure that companies (SMEs and others) and other public or private sector entities can access the services they need for their digital transformation, and that regional stakeholders have access to proof of concept with innovative and scalable technologies and solutions.

The PTCentroDiH is a regional and transversal hub that is highly focused on promoting the digitalisation of the entities of the Centro’s Region in order to foster its innovation and competitiveness. Furthermore, the PTCentroDiH also has a strong ambition of becoming a European Digital Innovation Hub, supported by the Digital Europe Programme. In this context, the PTcentroDiH has the following main general objectives: 

Foster the digitalisation of the entities of the Centro’s Region, in particular SMEs and other public and private entities, for the sake of its competitiveness. This will be fully aligned with the Region’s Smart Specialisation Strategy

Contribute to the identification of the needs for qualification and requalification of human resources in order to increase the economic and social competitiveness of the Centro’s Region

Respond to the requirements identified in the Digital Europe Programme, in regard to prioritising 3 digital technologies: HPC, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity

Create the basis for an intensification of synergies at national and international levels


Moreover, the PTCentroDiH has defined a set of specific goals, namely:

Act as a first regional point of contact, and strengthen the Region’s innovation ecosystem

Ongoing update of the Region’s main needs in terms of digitalisation services

Establish an innovative portfolio of services that will help entities becoming more competitive and innovative through the adoption of digital technologies

Develop a platform that will connect the Region’s main service providers with the entities that need digitalisation services

Have a focus on cybersecurity         

Apply to becoming a European Digital Innovation Hub

Develop strong linkages with other DIH at national and international level

Foster the development of activities to promote the establishment of synergies between Regional entities

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